Selasa, 28 Agustus 2012

Kemang Festival

I prepare this for kemang festival, especially flyer for promotion product, that my first time at kemang festival, my friend invited me to join her, Thx's mba ren. Something that surprize me is so much crowded there, a lot of people go to that festival. Coz that as an annual event in Kemang. Well that still fun, even with crowd, hot weather. But hellow....... that the festival, of course full of crowded


And i prepare product especially for kemang festival, limited but all of new arrivals Special edition most of all is SOLD OUT. Oh thx's God ..........

I'am happy, but that don't make me satisfied in early, that like encouragement for me to do more than that. to create somthing that i can n i explore that with experiment. so much fun when you find various material and make them to be somthing :)

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