Selasa, 25 Desember 2012

Sprinkled Fabric

Sprinkled Fabric is the new album collections from InDizzy, which is full of fabric materials. Let's say this is new concept using patchwork an metal elbows. I found some interesting about metal elbows n as usual the idea came suddenly.
For this edition i named the theme is Flying High
Why "Flying High" ?as inspired by the wings of birds in flight flaps its wings, among the flowers that bloom, beautiful^^. n also inspired by japanese garden, especially for the color. I tried to use the fabric materials on this collections, previously use this to mix with other materials.

Hope u like the collections^^.we strive to provide the best in each of our collections.


Senin, 10 Desember 2012

when "Dare to Wear" begun

2 month ago i make title for my new collections, may be some people would curious why i named this collections "Dare to Wear". That what i want to make people curiousity about this collections.

Let's talks about the materials, this is da basic of this collections. i made this piece of necklace from unusual materials. from what? of course it's rings, but what kind of rings i used? hmmm let's people guess :D. This materials, i think it's easy to people notice, but ok let's picture speak make sure hehehe

This is first necklace from the album "Dare to Wear" unfinished

Before i launched this necklace, I put it on and wait for a response when people seen it. and without expectation, people started aware about my necklace n was curious about the materials. some people surprize about the materials. Coz the response from my friends there's more confident ii me, so i made the necklace more with variety of colors.
n it is.........

i like the rings especialy this rings, i like the character of this rings unique and i can make everything that i want from this materials. i hope my customers would like too.
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Selasa, 04 September 2012

Design Design

Design is always around our world aka crafter. Not just around on our world but our mind though. Design is not that simple for me to mix it with my taste. i make the design with my desire n made it with love. I create design with my own style n my own taste at that time, n i have more influenced from music, music inspired me much. music like my daily food :d, i can't live without music. I'm working while listen the music, n many idea come behind yipyyyyy. believe or not it's work ahaa....

Oh ya besides music, there somthing i like when i'm working. Korean drama :)), it's kind of weird yo? but i don't think so. I can work while watcing korean drama, i like the language, n i like the most when hear they intonation when speaking. But don't ask me, the story :>" absolutely i don't know wakakkaa. but i wathicng that drama after my work is done hahah. Okay that enough about intermezo :), let's back to da design mmmm okay....

When you create somthing that make u satisfied is not that simple for me, coz may be i'm too miss perpect, everything must be perfect that it should be. Hellow, what's wrong? but this is only in working yea somthing like that. And you know that is what take it so long to finish, okay may be that is my little bitty on working, but i satisfied when it's done.  especially to my customers, they like the product, how happy i'm to know that.

Sometimes i sketch it, that how i always bring notebook to everywhere i go. i sketch it when something idea come to mind. Coz if i don't sketch, it's must be forgot. n sometimes i just stearing on my material, n most of all work. i imagine that n i cut n shape it , n u know what? taraaaaaaaa its done. sometimes i finding unique shape from mistaken during the making piece hahaha, that what we call mistaken bring wisdom hahaha.....

i think thats enough for this time

see u

Selasa, 28 Agustus 2012

Kemang Festival

I prepare this for kemang festival, especially flyer for promotion product, that my first time at kemang festival, my friend invited me to join her, Thx's mba ren. Something that surprize me is so much crowded there, a lot of people go to that festival. Coz that as an annual event in Kemang. Well that still fun, even with crowd, hot weather. But hellow....... that the festival, of course full of crowded


And i prepare product especially for kemang festival, limited but all of new arrivals Special edition most of all is SOLD OUT. Oh thx's God ..........

I'am happy, but that don't make me satisfied in early, that like encouragement for me to do more than that. to create somthing that i can n i explore that with experiment. so much fun when you find various material and make them to be somthing :)


Production yippyyy, i so excited. but for this time take a time coz i want to be perfect hemmm like always (is that bad habbit? ) oh i don't care hehe

tadaa...... this is it (farah queen wanna be haha), it's unfinished, r u want to know how it is after finishing? ehem.. keep watching....

What do you think?

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Senin, 27 Agustus 2012


Bingung mau mulai dari mana hehe, well let's start. coba-coba buka setelah terlupakan kosong ga diapa2in hiks, pake blog tetangga sebelah jg soalnya ehm...

This is InDizzy blog to share and display limited handmade accessories with unique and fabulous design which i design and handmade it myself.

Fashion is my hobby, i like to design n create something different. coz for me being different is something :D. it's like challenge for me to create somthing unique, valuable and affordable of course.

Hopefully this blog could be give me inspirations to create more, not only me, but for all woman whole the world who like fashion and handmade things. Respect each others with creation.