Selasa, 04 September 2012

Design Design

Design is always around our world aka crafter. Not just around on our world but our mind though. Design is not that simple for me to mix it with my taste. i make the design with my desire n made it with love. I create design with my own style n my own taste at that time, n i have more influenced from music, music inspired me much. music like my daily food :d, i can't live without music. I'm working while listen the music, n many idea come behind yipyyyyy. believe or not it's work ahaa....

Oh ya besides music, there somthing i like when i'm working. Korean drama :)), it's kind of weird yo? but i don't think so. I can work while watcing korean drama, i like the language, n i like the most when hear they intonation when speaking. But don't ask me, the story :>" absolutely i don't know wakakkaa. but i wathicng that drama after my work is done hahah. Okay that enough about intermezo :), let's back to da design mmmm okay....

When you create somthing that make u satisfied is not that simple for me, coz may be i'm too miss perpect, everything must be perfect that it should be. Hellow, what's wrong? but this is only in working yea somthing like that. And you know that is what take it so long to finish, okay may be that is my little bitty on working, but i satisfied when it's done.  especially to my customers, they like the product, how happy i'm to know that.

Sometimes i sketch it, that how i always bring notebook to everywhere i go. i sketch it when something idea come to mind. Coz if i don't sketch, it's must be forgot. n sometimes i just stearing on my material, n most of all work. i imagine that n i cut n shape it , n u know what? taraaaaaaaa its done. sometimes i finding unique shape from mistaken during the making piece hahaha, that what we call mistaken bring wisdom hahaha.....

i think thats enough for this time

see u

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